At last Wednesday’s meeting, Paul outlined his program for the current Rotary year. Paul congratulated Immediate Past President Charles Thomasson for his very successful year and proceeded to introduce his board (see list of our club’s Executives on the right).
Paul’s key targets are
  • Membership, with the specific aim of ‘Quality, not Quantity’. The aim is not only to recruit new members, but also to ensure retention of existing members.
  • To identify a “single major local project or charity to support”.
  • The inclusion of our membership as a group.
  • The continued smooth operation of our Project Shed with all its facets. This is as much an International Service Project as a major Community Service Project. Paul particularly emphasised the superb value of the help we get from the Rotaractors, not just relating to the help with the Vanuatu project and the new websites, but also the establishment of the new Gold Coast Makers Rotaract Club which uses the shed as its base.
  • Ongoing support of our Youth Projects: RYPEN, RYTS, RYLA, RYDA.
  • Achieving fundraising targets: In addition to the traditional activities such as the Bunnings Sausage Sizzles, Business Expo etc., Paul deservedly mentioned Johnny Bueti’s ‘Italian Long Lunch’ and the annual Golf Day, chiefly organised Charles Thomasson, Paul Smith and Doug Lipp.
  • We’ll no longer have a ‘Big Bike Sale’ but instead bikes can be sold on an ad-hoc basis when the Project Shed is open. They will be advertised on Social Media. The recently confirmed Google Advertising grant will come in handy!
A copy of Paul's PowerPoint is available in the Download Section on the right.