Posted by Franz Huber
Surfers Sunrise and Beaudesert Rotary Club members helped to raise funds for the Traction organization, by selling Sweep and Raffle Tickets at The Island venue's Melbourne Cup Luncheon. Preliminary reports from Traction indicate that, despite the number of patrons at The Island was lower than expected, the results for the day was still very much worthwhile.  The photo shows the team (from left): Beaudesert Exchange Student from Basel, Switzerland Melvin Kromer [and yes, Andy, as is proper dress code in Switzerland, he wore socks with his sandals! ☺ Ed.] John Chirio, Linda Jackson (Beaudesert), Franz Huber, Darrell Brown, Lesley Turton (Beaudesert), Coral and Al Sirovs. In the background, two young ladies on high stilts, there to entertain the mob. Note, the "lampshades" over their faces are very much part of a very elegant costume!