Posted by Franz Huber on Oct 31, 2018
If you haven't heard of Trevor Hendy, you probably didn't live in Australia, or have been living as a hermit somewhere about 6,000 metres above sea level... He has 4 Uncle Toby's Super Series Championships, 6 Australian Open Ironman Championships, a total of 10 World Championships, is a member of various State, National and International Sporting Halls of Fame...  Now, this might come as a bit of a surprise: if you ask him what was the pinnacle of his career, Trev's answer is "To appear on Baywatch... !! Running along the beach in slow motion, David Hasselhoff, an "interview" with Michael Jackson (Michael was sort of singing his answers...)"
Trevor started off recounting the early days of his career. "I really was a rather shy person" he quipped [oh sure, yeah right... Ed.]. To no doubt, the fact that his father was Chief Instructor of the Surf Life Saving Club helped, but Trevor particularly singled out the mentoring he received from two well known personalities: Keith Lutz (Keith was also a Charter Member of our club, who sadly passed away in 2013) and David 'Orchy' Orchard.  "The importance of having a role model becomes apparent much later in life" Trevor emphasised. A Surf Club is not a hierarchy, it is a team. "Where do I fit in?" is the major point. I sort of felt like being rescued.  
Trevor's presentation is often quite humorous. For example, he recounted a story where they tried to emulate the training regime and times achieved by the (then) East German Olympic Team. "We found it simply impossible and wondered how on earth they could do it. Until it was found out that their athletes were doped..."  The challenge: regardless of what the weather & water conditions, regardless of what the order of the race (e.g. Swim, Run, Bike), it is always "perfect conditions". 
These days, Trevor's principal activity is to run a Wellness and Mentoring company, and to sponsor and mentor the proteges of his Surfers Paradise Surf Life Saving Club. "We are not just a Surf Club. We are a Personal Development Club. Helping the community to feel better about itself". What a superb statement of purpose!
Picture above (by Charles Thomasson): Ray Higgs, President Jo Winwood, Trevor Hendy, David Orchard