Posted by Franz Huber on Mar 24, 2019
"Not another Rotary acronym!!" I hear you yell out.  OK, it was simply too long for a title - of course I refer to 'Guess who is coming to dinner?', a hugely successful social event we had last Saturday.  How does it work? Simple: everyone gathers at a central location, in this case, in the gardens of The Inlet in Main Beach (President Jo's domain) for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles.  Participants are then given an address of one of our members who has agreed to host a group for dinner. Unless you are already familiar with a particular address, you don't know who the host will be, and correspondingly, the host won't know who will turn up.  What a superb evening! Angus Miller organized it all, the addresses to go to were drawn out of a hat (and thus the grouping was definitely not deliberate). 
Together with Mark & Tanya Twyford and Ian Mayberry, your Editor and his better half enjoyed a delightful dinner at Angus & Virginia Miller.  Other hosts were President Jo and Tony Winwood, Charles & Angela Thomasson, Mario Fairlie & Sylvia.  Picture (by Larry Murray) above shows Mario & Sylvia and their guests feasting.