Posted by Franz Huber
Our Youth Exchange Student in Minnesota, Lucy Thorburn, winner of the 2017 Lutzy Award, sent us another update , with some new pictures.  See update in the Photo Album on the right hand side.  Here is the text to go with it:
Just wanted to say Hey, and let you all know I’m having a great time over here this summer. I went to Duluth a port city on Lake Superior (worlds largest freshwater lake by surface area), they have beautiful hiking trails up there! We also had the X-Games here recently, there was heaps of Australian competitors. We did really well plenty gold medals! 
OK, so perhaps you've heard of Lake Superior. But, like your Editor, you might betray your age if you haven't heard of the X-Games?  Well, have a look at the Youtube video, and I'm sure you agree that it helps to be just a little bit nuts to compete in this event! ☺  Ed.  Click here.