Remember Mark Twyfords youngest daughter Maggie, who presented at our Club on Misión México via Zoom earlier this year? (That’s her on the right – click on this link to read the story again). Maggie continues to be involved with the Mission. This November will also mark the charity’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate, they are holding their biggest ever global event; the Move for Misión México - 20/20/20 Challenge: 20,000 kilometers on foot, bike, in the water, any way you can think of while working together to raise £20,000 for their education program. All money raised will go towards Mision Mexico's Education Program.
To support this event, Mark has enrolled in the Challenge with the aim of raising $AUD 1,000.00, committing to riding a minimum of 500Km in the month of November. You can track his progress here: Mark also will provide us with a weekly total: As of today 16/11/20, he has cycled 466 Km and walked 69 Km (together with Tanya and (separately) your Editor. So far the tally is $1,100.00! He hopes to rope in a couple of more Riding Rotarians to make up another 500Km over the month. If you wish to support financially, please click on this linkand also advise Mark on so he can update his website. Alternatively, you can direct deposit to an account - send him an email and he'll send you details. A tax receipt will be issued once funds are received.