Last week, we had a test meeting using Zoom with a few of our board members. It went quite well, and another training meeting will have been held on Monday night.  This coming Wednesday, 1st April at 07:30 am, we will run our inaugural On-Line meeting - no April Fools Joke!  Since this bulletin goes out to some 200-odd addresses (and for the first meeting we don't really want 200 people to join), a link and instructions on how to connect will be sent out to our members individually, under separate cover. Please advise if you have not received it.
So, what could one possibly do On-Line? Well, almost everything, except you can't shake hands, pat each other on the back (literally, but you can do so figuratively) and you'll have to prepare your own breakfast. President Mario will address the meeting, the Directors can report, even the Sergeant can have a session (we'll trust you to hold on to your fine until we have our first meeting!) - a record will be kept... And once we are comfortable with it, there is no reason why we can't have a  guest speaker.  With Zoom, the speaker's screen can be shared, and thus any PowerPoint presentation or 'White Board' can be displayed.  Let's work on this together and make it happen.  Please call Franz if you require assistance.
Well, another 'First' for Surfers Sunrise Rotary!
So, come on! It's not difficult. Join us!