Posted by Franz Huber on Nov 11, 2019
OK, so they didn't display our website address - great pity! But you can watch it online: Click here.
Last Thursday, Associate Member Bryan Tuesley, Cr Dawn Crichlow, Kathleen Vlasic from Rosies and your Editor met with a reporting team from Channel Nine's 'A Current Affair' at Rosie's in Southport. There were interviews with all and our 'Sleeping Sanctuary' was filmed from all possible angles... and it is expected to be broadcast on Monday night - 7:00 pm.  Some of you members and fans of Surfers Sunrise would recall that, back in 1997, 'A Current Affair' accompanied us to deliver the first 10 Wheelchairs to Fiji. Will this become the next huge project of the Surfers Sunrise Wheelchair Trust?  Click on the yellow button to take you to a highly secure 'GoFundMe' page. Your donation will go to our Wheelchair Trust, an Australian registered charity.  Remember, all labour and administration is done by volunteers - we have no overheads!
A few days before that, Councillor Dawn Crichlow and Kathleen Vlasic visited our Project Shed last Saturday, accompanied by a reporting team from the Gold Coast Bulletin. And here it is published in last Monday's (11/11/19) edition!  Photo shows the two ladies, with Laurie Roberts (left) who built the prototype, and Des La Rance (right), who designed it. Looking forward to getting more traction on this great project, as is reported by Cr Crichlow in this reportage. For full text, please head to the Download Page on the right.  Click here to go directly to our Wheelchair Trust GoFundMe page!