Posted by Shobha Srinivasan on Feb 04, 2021
Our meetings and attendance just gets better and better ! Today we had a fantastic speaker, Stephanie Collins, from the Endeavour Foundation,which is is an independent organisation established in 1951 with a vision to support people with an intellectual disability to live their best life – starting with equal access to education and life-skills learning. The clients who visited us along with the staff from NDVR were a lovely, friendly bunch of people and we hope to continue our association with them,when we help them build a beautiful herb/vege garden in their facility. Thank you Richard Diaz and Graham Jones for coordinating this project,and Cr Pauline Young for the contact with this organisation. We had a few other visitors today as well and it was lovely to welcome fellow Rotarians once again to our club. Please get in touch for more information on today's meeting or speaker. 
Special mention and thank you Michael Shambrook for standing at the door to welcome visitors and David Ungar for his stellar work at the front desk and last but not least, Allan Barnett for his AV set up each and every week.