Posted on May 27, 2021
A busy morning at Donations In Kind in Kingston this morning. Club members Bren Milson, Terri Taylor, Ross Smith, Allan Barnett and Shobha Srinivasan worked together to load the container going to East Timor. Quite a few of the regular helpers were away so this core team of 5 members worked hard to get the donations into the container. Much was achieved last Thursday with some borrowed help. Some of the items that went to DIK today were boxes of books, birthing kits, a donation of two ovens and catering equipment kindly sourced, cleaned and packed by Terri Taylor.  Allan Barnett towed a trailer with a hospital bed and a wheelchair besides filling up his car with the donated items. Thanks also to Mike Shambrook for helping collect the ovens last Saturday. Bren always needs laptops and computers so please help by donating. A shout out to NMG computers who will clean, test and load public access software on donated computers and laptops.