Posted by Shobha Srinivasan on Jun 10, 2021
A cold start to the meeting this morning with the mercury just above the single digit ! It was however made all the more sweeter with Terri Taylor, chef and member extraordinaire, bringing along a superbly baked and decorated carrot cake for all members for their morning tea (see the pic below!) Our speaker today was Bruce Howlett, a visiting member who comes to our meetings when he migrates from up north to spend some time on the Goldie. The hot topic of malaria was most interesting. So much has been done by RAM (Rotarians Against Malaria) but it is quite evident from the global figures that a lot more can be done. Education and training not being the least of it. Good to hear that the women are the ones who are, in many of these disadvantaged countries, the driving force behind the control of this terrible mosquito borne disease .. especially as the children get affected very easily. The potential for elimination is what drives everyone forward. In other news this morning, we also had a new inductee to our club. Welcome to Warren and Tracey Maree. We are sure that your Rotary journey with Rotary Burleigh Heads will be a good one. Its a good reminder for all of us that you will get as much out of it, as you put into it !!