Posted on Mar 11, 2021
The meeting today was a lot of fun. You can see it in the broad smiles ! Thank you to Wayne Sticher and his fellow vollies from Cycling without  Age for bringing along 3 Tribikes. Unfortunately the weather let us down but a few of us got a spin in the superb Rolls Royce of Tribikes. We whizzed around the carpark much faster than what is usually the case .. but no one was complaining. A fantastic initiative that we hope we can get involved in, in the future. To check out more about this local charity and the excellent work that they do, head to 
The charity 'Cycling Without Age' is a Nonprofit organization founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012. By 2020, this initiative has expanded into 50 countries, serving over 1.5 million people worldwide .. and today they were at Rotary, Burleigh Heads !