Jul 14, 2022
Kelly Casey
Adopt a Grandparent.

An initiative to help us all engage with elderly residents living in Aged Care facilities.


Hi! I am Kelly and Adopt a grandparent was an initiative started after I lost my Grandparents who lived in aged care for over four years. It came about after watching my mum flitting around the nursing home during her visits to my grandparents running errands and doing little tasks for residents who had no one outside the care facility to help them. In addition it was about making special occasions exactly that for all residents in aged care.
We recognised that occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be challenging time for those without family or those who’s family cannot make it to visit due to distance.
There are many lovely Gold Coast helpers who donate their time just like me.
We collect and make up packages for those most vulnerable, some we get names for, others we are just given some requirements. We respect the privacy and wishes of each resident or the department that care for them. Donations we accept are toiletries, hair accessories, clothing, food, colouring and puzzle books with larger fonts, texta's and pencils, reading books, magazines, writing books, blankets and so much more.
Some residents may not be able to communicate as there are very different levels of health and care. Our aim is to make the moment we are celebrating one that brings joy, love and a sense of community and belonging and well as gifting them items they benefit from each day.