Apr 22, 2021
Carey Westwood

At Manasprings our commitment is to provide a place where grassroots women leaders gather to refresh body, mind and spirit for re-energised service to their communities. Why? Because we believe that women are the most influential force for change in the world. Without these courageous and compassionate women, many vulnerable communities would be without food, shelter, care, education, health and livelihoods. 

Manasprings believes that women who work on the frontlines need time on the sidelines. Holistic women community leaders who work in inner city slums and remote rural areas need time for physical and psychological rest and for spiritual retreat. It is important for these women who serve the poor and marginalised to have the time, and to be in a place where they can be reminded that God's world has beauty, quiet and peace, not just ugliness, poverty and conflict. They also need a chance to learn from their lifetime experience of walking with the poor. They need time and the place to be able to sort out what has happened to them, and to make sense of it. They need to figure out what more they need to know, or be, and have the opportunity to learn or develop. (Bryant L. Myers)

We applaud the women within Kenya who simply find a way where others see no way, who give hope and purpose, and who uphold the dignity of all humanity.

For more information, please visit https://manasprings.org/