Apr 05, 2018
Carey Westwood
from Manasprings

 I'm a Gold Coaster, now living in Kenya, having started a not for profit empowering grassroots women community leader who directly care for the poor and vulnerable. The organisation is called Manasprings. In February (1 - 19 Feb), Co-Founder, Wanjiru Waithaka and I will be on the Gold Coast, as I am catching up with family and friends, and both of us will be sharing about Manasprings in Kenya. I'd so appreciate the opportunity to email you more info about our organisation, and also would love to share about the work we do here in Kenya supporting women on the frontlines in impoverished communities.

Check us out at  www.manasprings.org

The brief outline of my presentation is as follows:

- About Manasprings

- Why we do what we do

- The inspiring Kenyan women who care for the poor and vulnerable

- Transformational development is what is required