Sep 30, 2021 7:00 AM
Peter McGuinness (click for more information)

YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety is Australia’s youth-led mission to change driving culture from legacy paradigms of ‘luck’ to the empowerment of choice.

Presentations are designed for profound cut-through to teenage passengers and drivers; inspiring enduring leadership in each participant as an outspoken peer advocate who expects good choices from themselves, their friends and their family.

YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety activates students’ hearts for social mission, challenging them to protect their loved ones and their community by rejecting the misguided myth that bad driving is ‘a part of growing up’. They are invited to embrace the awesome opportunity to be the first generation to permanently change Australian driving culture.

One student. One friendship group. One family. One school. One community at a time.

Own the Choice – Own the Outcome

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