Sep 28, 2017
Aleem Ali
Welcome to Australia

Welcoming Cities facilitates a national network of inclusive, vibrant communities internationally recognised for their ability to foster a sense of belonging and participation.

It seeks to address and embrace the challenges and opportunities of migration. We are working to create more welcoming and inclusive communities by supporting local government leaders and communities to be more effectively resourced, networked and supported.

Aleem Ali is the branch manager of Welcome to Australia, Brisbane and coordinator of the Welcoming Cities initiative.

Welcome to Australia exists to engage everyday Australians in the task of cultivating a culture of welcome in our nation.

The Australia we love is known for its diversity, compassion, generosity and commitment to giving all people a fair go.

We’d like to find many different ways that individuals, families, businesses and other organisations can work together to continue to develop these values in our communities, work places, schools and institutions.