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Executive and Board Directors 2020-2021
President: John Clark
Immediate Past President: Colleen Gauder
Executive  Secretary: Loraine Pearce
Treasurer: Allan Barnett
President Elect: Ian Creaser
Vice President: Karen Thomas
Club Administration: Shobha Srinivasan
Service Projects: David Andrews 
Membership: Graham Jones
Public Relations: Jo Creaser
Rotary Foundation: Ron Mullins
Youth Services: Anthony Zirilli
Upcoming Events
Daphne McDonald
Aug 20, 2020
from Division 13, Gold Coast
Janet Haas
Sep 03, 2020 7:00 AM
Livonia Rotary Club,Michigan,USA via Zoom
Lola Mashado
Sep 10, 2020
from Relationships Australia
Yohann Azlee
Sep 17, 2020
Member behind the Badge
District Governor Andy Rajapakse
Sep 24, 2020 7:00 AM
Governors Address
Jessie Harman (via Zoom)
Oct 08, 2020 7:00 AM
Kerrie Cox
Oct 22, 2020
The Body Connection
Jennifer Jones (to be confirmed)
Nov 05, 2020 7:00 AM
Rotary International President Nominee 2020-2023
Current Activities
Donations In Kind activities on hold.
Due to Covid-19  restrictions the DIK Depot in Brisbane is now closed and activities on hold.However we already have a shipping container sitting there half filled ready to go to Timor once again this year,and Club member and DIK District Chair,Bren Milsom is currently busy organising funding to send it to Timor,as soon as things return to normal
Check out our National Anthem videos!!!:
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Welcome to Burleigh Heads Rotary- where visitors are always welcome !

Burleigh Heads Rotary

We meet In Person
Thursdays at 7:00 AM
Burleigh Heads Surf Club - level 2
57 Goodwin Terrace
Cnr Gold Coast Highway
0438 225 820
We meet for breakfast every Thursday 6.45am for 7.00am until 8.00am
You can now join our breakfast meeting at the Surf Club, via Zoom on the first Thursday of every month!
Latest Club Videos
Have you thought about joining a Rotary Club? What could be better than  doing good in your local community and worldwide, yet having fun and making lifelong friends at the same time? WHY NOT join us any Thursday morning and see what our Club is about. Check out our latest video.
Check our latest video on what our Club members get up to at the Donations in Kind Depot in Brisbane-hard work,cleaning 400 chairs ready to be sent to a school in Fiji!
Latest Club News
Our speaker today (via Zoom) was Cameron Bolton, President of the Rotary Club of Tenterfield. He talked briefly of the town of Tenterfield where he grew up and also the challenges now facing the club. Zoom meetings haven't been as popular in their club! He talked about some of their projects, one of which was distribution of potable water to the local families in the times of drought in recent times. They have been able to arrange delivery of water to 17 properties, with 7 more properties being scheduled for delivery. Each water cart sent is servicing 3 properties, providing approximately 6,000L of water per house and just over 900000 litres in total ! Awesome job ! He also talked about the importance of keeping club members engaged in the planning of events and fundraisers, even if only a fraction of the ideas came to fruition in these challenging times. Good tips for us all :) 
Building Resilience – Lessons for Life and Business, from a Critical Incident First Responder
Our guest speaker, Nick Bell, presented a snapshot from one of one of his experiences as Watch Commander, Operations/Emergency Response in the Northern Territory for 33 years. 
What he learned in the time leading teams of first responders over this time and in particular one instance, tested his resilience to the fullest. 
We all got a great insight into what first responders have to deal in their jobs and how Nick in particular dealt with his challenges too .. 
Nick regularly gives talks and keynote speeches at conferences, operations meetings, board meetings
and ‘Lunch & Learn’ workshops on a myriad of Safety Leadership related topics.

Another fantastic catch up with Club members on a glorious winters morning at magic Burleigh Heads. Good to meet Rotary friends every week as the fellowship is awesome. That's what we hear every time .. Members who can't come really do miss it :) So here s a quick wrap up of our meeting today,no Guest Speaker this week but always lots of action. We had Greg Evans presented by President John Clark, with the Spirit of Rotary Perpetual Award, as he was unable to attend our Changeover dinner.In addition another new member was indicted into our Club, welcome Gareth Keenan ,who was introduced to our Club by current District Governor,Andy Rajapakse, also a member of our Club and in attendance for the induction. Also lots of laughs as our Rotary Foundation Director, Ron Mullins did a quiz on Paul Harris Fellows and managed to knock out everyone, so won the bottle of wine himself!
Our speaker today was Roselle from the Welcome Dinner project. The Welcome Dinner Project is an initial platform to spark connection between people who are new to Australia with established community members over a shared meal in someone’s home or a trusted community space. Everyone brings a plate of food to share and highly skilled volunteer Facilitators encourage guests to share the story of their food and other areas they may have in common, throughout the dinner. These events are powerful ways to build trust, belonging and connection between people and break through cultural, social and other barriers. The project was founded by Penny Elsley in 2013 as part of a broader organisation called joiningthedots. On 28 June 2018, the Welcome Dinner Project became its own non profit organisation. Please contact us for more information :) 
An excellent attendance both ways at our meeting this morning with 15 on site at the Surf Club for breakfast and 16 Zooming in,including our regular guests Janet from Michigan and Jenni from Clithereo UK. Our Guest Speaker,Maggie Twyford also zoomed in with an inspiring presentation on her time as a volunteer at an orphanage in Mexico.
Today we had our first combined meeting.With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions some members attended the Surf Club for the first time in three months to have breakfast together,while others and our friends in the UK and USA Zoomed into the meeting.The technology went perfectly well with everyone being able to chat whether they were in the room or on the screen!
Past President Allan Barnett's Zooming around the world to attend 30 different Clubs, in 14 different countries was featured firstly in the Seniors Newspaper then taken up by the Gold Coast Bulletin, the Mackay newspaper and many other regional newspapers in Queensland.In addition Allan's friend that he met at a Zoom meeting then posted it on the Casper,Wyoming Facebook page. So this story has really spread around the world promoting Rotary and how we use technology to stay in touch and attend our regular meetings and other Clubs meetings,no matter where they are. 
We were very privileged to have Federal Minister for Industry,Science and Technology,Hon Karen Andrews, as our Guest Speaker today via Zoom,providing an incite into what it was like being a Federal Minister during the Covid19 crisis and the positive stories of  local businesses expanding with new innovative products to be made in Australia now rather than be imported.
This is the Currumbin Community Special School (for special needs children) new playground area! This was a community service project idea first suggested, by Past President Richard Spencer in May 2017! But at a cost of $45,000 we knew it was going to be a difficult task to find the funding for it, yet after three years we finally did it! After many attempts at Grants, and lots of fundraisers,it was finally achieved by funding from our Club,the Currumbin Coolangatta Tweed Rotary Club and a Grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund,thanks to our Club member David Ungar,who submitted the application on behalf of the School P & C.
There are four new pieces of equipment- Explorer Net Mount Gingera, Whirly Go Round (for wheel chairs),the Revolving Sand Table and the Bed of Beads,plus all new rubber matting and turf around it.A magnificent achievement for our Club.
Todays Zoom meeting has been our most international yet,with our Guest Speaker,Jenni Schumann from the Clitheroe Rotary Club,UK  providing a great presentation on her Club and Clitheroe.We also caught up with Luca Mueller, our past Youth Exchange student,zooming in from Germany,as well as regular guest Janet Haas from Michigan,USA, and our Club member Karen Waters from Japan.
Thank you Club member Karen Waters, Zooming in live form Japan to provide us with another great presentation on her business there,her Rotary story and the history of Rotary in Japan,commenced by Sir Umekishi Yoneyama,known as the father of Rotary in Japan.
One advantage of our Zoom meetings is that we can have Guest speakers from anywhere in the world, just drop in live!Last week we had Jenny Stotts,District Membership Chair 6690,and member of the Athens Sunrise Club,Ohio,USA. And today our Guest Speaker was Michael Howe, a member of the Casper,Wyoming rotary Club who gave an excellent presentation on Casper,the State of Wyoming and his Clubs activities.
At our Zoom meeting today,we had the pleasure of inducting our very first member virtually via Zoom,welcome  Kathryn Koch! we managed to arrange to get her badge and welcome kit delivered to her and then Club Membership Director, Jacqueline Plaice,conducted the induction over Zoom. Her husband and 19 year old cat were with her at home!
Due to the world wide Covid-19 situation , Rotary Clubs around the world have embraced technology and many are meeting via Zoom.This has now provided Rotarians everywhere the opportunity to attend Club meetings anywhere at any time,and our Club member Allan Barnett has managed to attend 15 Rotary Club meetings in a week,in the UK,Canada,USA,India,Mexico and the Cayman Islands! Club members Shobha Srinivasan and Ross Smith have also attended some meetings.
After a little absence due to the current Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing we have finally met again with our first regular Club meeting via Zoom.We welcomed a visitor,Gary Hopkinson dropping in from New Zealand,and it was great to see our Club member,Karen Waters,attending from Japan! All went well and we had a very similar format of our normal on site meetings,including Heads and Tails,and the National Anthem!
It was touch and go if this event would go ahead under the current situation with Covid-19 social distancing! However it did,with changed rules, and no contact or group get together. Our Club members Greg Evans, and Allan Barnett along with his son Alex were the sole surviving participants from our Club to do it,as our other team members,our Rotaract club and Interact Club decided to withdraw.We still had a lot of fun and won a random prize draw!
A huge variety of food,drinks,music,atmosphere and good company with a great turnout of members for our Leap Year Party, only once every four years! at Miami Marketta for dinner!And good promotion of our Club with the little sign for our exclusive area!
We had a very good attendance this week to see an interesting presentation,complete with a mini stall of Lao handcrafts for sale, by Charlie Nicholls who runs a simple resort called Lao Lake House in Laos as well as being very involved in helping the locals improve their incomes and lives.
Our Club member Andy Rajapakse is the incoming District Governor for 2020-2021,commencing 1st July, and it was a very interesting meeting as he gave us an update on what will be happening in our District and with Rotary International in his year and going forward as we enjoyed lots of fresh air,sunshine and a magic view of the beach with this meeting out on the balcony, as our usual room is being renovated.Current Division 12 Councillor Pauline Young,a great supporter of our Club attended as well, and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Our well spoken member Ross Smith provided a great history lesson as Guest Speaker today,on his special interest subject-US Architect Frank Lloyd Wright,a most fascinating person, with an amazing record of beautiful,and unusual buildings that he designed and had built for clients from the early 1900's until the 1950s that still stand today.
Congratulations to our Rotary Exchange student,Emily Campbell who has just returned from a year away in Italy and gave us a very professional and interesting presentation on  her "Rotary families" that she lived with her and her year in Italy.
Congratulations to our Burleigh Heads Rotaract Club for hosting a very successful Australian Rotaract Conference this weekend and the Dinner on Saturday night where they won the Award for Most Outstanding Event with Interaction 2020, put on recently by this Club to create more interest in creating Interact Clubs!
Our Club members Ross Smith,John Campbell,Charles Kilby,Bren Milsom and his wife Sue attended the dinner.
We welcome our latest member Yohann Azlee to our Club being inducted at this mornings meeting then going on to be Guest Speaker with Jamie Preston as they are both volunteer Board members of Gold Coast Project for Homeless Youth-a charity doing great things to help the homeless on the Gold Coast.This is what can happen-Yohann  visited our Club a couple of months ago and was asked if he would like to be a Guest Speaker then,and because he was so impressed with our meetings and what we do he decided to join!
Club members Bren Milsom,Ross Smith,Greg Evans and Shamus Davies attended the Donations in Kind depot in Brisbane today to commence packing our shipping container that will be going to Timor Leste very soon. Full of much needed hospital,educational and general equipment to be distributed where it will be most needed in Timor.
Today we welcomed Karen Waters,as our latest member.Karen lives in Japan and Australia,with an international business in Japan and family here in Australia and she was keen to join a Rotary Club,so unable to do so in Japan,she was welcomed to our Club via Club member and Incoming District Governor, Andy Rajapkse. 
It was a well attended, fun outing for all our members and guests,to Grandad Jacks Distillery in Miami on Sunday afternoon. A private tour of the distillery and history,then many tastings of different gins and vodka,followed by gin and tonics and gin cocktails,was quite welcome and refreshing on a hot day!We will have to do this more often!
At our last meeting we also had another entertaining Guest Speaker, Kelly Malloy from LIVIN, a very comprehensive mental health support group based in Burleigh Heads.They provide information,presentations and programs for schools,community organisations and businesses to assist with looking out for the signs,and an overview of all the places that people with mental health problems can get support.
Emily Campbell, daughter of Club member John Campbell finally returned from Italy this week after one year as our sponsored Rotary Youth Exchange student and came to our meeting yesterday morning to thank all of us for our support. Emily will provide a complete presentation on her exciting year away as our Guest Speaker very soon. John,being a Rotary Youth exchange student to Denmark in his youth came dressed in his YE jacket and Emily came in hers,not sure which one was the heaviest! 
Rotary Clubs across Australia are working hard to provide relief and assistance during these horrific bushfires.

It's easy to feel that there's not much we, as individuals, can do to help.

But every dollar that can be put toward helping others can help in significant ways.

Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Bushfire appeals is taking donations and the funds raised will go directly where they're needed most.

You can donate here

Donations to RAWCS are Tax Deductible and funds will be utilised in the Community by Rotary Clubs where needed.
Club Service Projects
Mobility Scooters Project
The Rotary Scooters Project on the Gold Coast provides mobility scooters to those in our local community suffering restriction in their movements as a result of illness, advancing age or disability.
Without the financial means to hire or purchase a scooter, the only alternative is a wheelchair. This results in many becoming unnecessarily housebound, as wheelchairs typically lack outdoor versatility and cannot be powered for long by the physically weak.
 Through the Rotary Scooters Project, many have found new freedom, confidence and independence by being able to get out and about under their own steam, running errands and taking part in normal social activities. Each mobility scooter costs the club up to $5000, but are provided to users for a minimum of $1 per annum. 
We have raised a total of $118,000 in grants from Queensland Government Gambling Community Benefit Funds and other sources, plus our regular Club fundraising provides the funds for the ongoing costs of annual Insurance and servicing the fleet . Hence Project Officer, David Ungar is kept very busy looking after all the participants scooters with maintenance requirements nad delivering and collecting scooters!
The latest grant of $32,000 we received in October 2018,has enabled us to purchase 5 new scooters plus an additional 5 are on order for delivery in February 2019, all to replace our older fleet.
International Service: RAWCS and DIK Volunteering at Brisbane Depot to load containers.
Our Club regularly volunteers to load shipping containers with used educational and hospital equipment and general goods that are desperately needed in the Pacific countries, PNG and Timor-Leste. Our Project Officer, Bren Milsom works tirelessly, constantly sourcing these goods on the Gold Coast from schools, aged care homes etc and regularly goes up to the Brisbane depot to store the goods before packing in the shipping containers.
Donations of STEM Early Reader Series Books to local primary Schools
Following an initiative by our District in collaboration with Griffith University, our Club is very proud to donate one set each of Suzie the Scientist and Millie the Mathematician books to three local primary schools, Burleigh Heads, Caningeraba and Merrimac. These amazing books were developed by Professor Richard John to fill a need for quality books to teach young children very important subjects for their future- Science and Mathematics! We are proud to say that former District Governor Michael Irving, who attends many of our meetings as a Burleigh local, lead the committee and our very own PDG Ross Smith, was on the committee that instigated this project for our District.
International Service: Renovation of St. Teresinha's Junior High School,Ossu, Timor Leste
This project, lead by Bren Milsom, was to fund and send volunteers to assist in the improvement of drainage,water supply & electrical systems in a renovation and refurbishment of the roof,classrooms,toilets and other facilities of this school, a major project with a total cost of $USD177,700 of which Rotary contributed $57,500 worth of roofing elements,tanks etc. In addition two shipping containers have been sent with equipment and supplies for the school and others from the RAWC's depot in Brisbane and our Club participated in loading these containers.