Posted by Kate Fenlon
Foundation Committee
November is Rotary Foundation Month
To mark Rotary’s annual focus on the Foundation during November, the Foundation Committee will host the Club’s program on November 6th. Be sure to wear your medallion and lapel pin at this meeting if you are a PHF!
The Club will match Paul Harris recognition points for any member who donates $25 or more to the Annual Fund of the Foundation during the months of November and December.  Anyone wishing to do so, can write a check to “The Rotary Foundation” and give it to Mariko by the middle of December.  OR if you donate at least $25 online via Rotary Direct at any point in the 4th quarter, be sure to let Mariko know so we can double your points; we do not otherwise get reports of donations made on line. 
The Foundation Committee will also be asking that Club members consider commitment to becoming a Sustaining Member of the Foundation. This means a donation of at least $100 to the Annual Fund this year. Listen for more details at the November 6th meeting! Remember: A percentage of our Club’s Annual Fund donations come back to our District and we—through JIPC—have a powerful voice in selecting the projects funded by these dollars.
How to check your Rotary TRF Account and donate online
Step 1.  When looking at your computer screen towards the top of the page on right hand side click on “My Rotary.” When page comes up, look on right hand side of page and you will see two boxes which say, “Sign in to My Rotary’ and “Register for an Account.” Click on which ever one is appropriate for you. Once you have clicked on one of those boxes you will either click to sign in or create an account.
Step 2.   Once you get signed in, another screen will come up just down from the top of the page. You will see a row of pages to click on. Go to the last one which says “Member Center.” Click on it and when it drops down you will find “Resources & Reference.” Under that topic, click on “Club & District Administration.”
Step 3.   When the Club & District Administration page comes up, scroll down and under “Reports” click on “View Reports.”
Step 4.  The next page that comes up is the Page Guide and under that is “Reports.” Under that are two headlines, “Individual” and “Contributions & Recognition.” Then under those three you find “Donor History Reports.”  Under that topic are three blue topics: “View report, Give online, Mail your Contributions.”
 If you click on “View report,” the next page to come up is “View your Contribution History.” Click on the blue “Donor History Report.” The next page to come up is your donor history. The first page has several things on it such as how many PHFs you have, your all-time donations and total recognition points, and a chart showing what % you have given to the Annual Fund and the Polio Plus Fund.  If you look at the bottom of this page, you will see two topics; one is “Overview” (which is the page with the chart) and the second is “Transactional Detail.” 
If you click on the Transactional Detail, a page will come up showing your giving history, funds transferred to your account, when you made your PHF/s, etc. 
If you are back on the page guide under Reports, you can click on “Give Online.” This will take you to the page to make online donations which can be a onetime donation or you can setup recurring donations.
I tried to explain this as much as I could and as easy as I could.  Please let me know if it was understandable and helpful. If you need help feel free to call me at 315-405-7181.