Posted by Tim Virkler
Over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend Gina successfully transitioned from her first host family to her second. Since her arrival from Norway in August she had been living on Thompson Blvd. with the Williams Family, and between now and the end of the school year she will be living with Marshal and Sarah Weir and their family on Ball Ave.
The Youth Exchange Committee extends our deepest thanks to Jason and Glenna Williams for stepping up and opening their doors to Gina during the first part of her exchange year. The family went above and beyond what was expected of a host family, and the we look forward to formally recognizing their efforts at a later date.
Gina herself has been busy! She spent a few days over the New Year’s holiday with a fellow exchange student in Kingston and recently traveled to Cornwall to participate in the first orientation program for next year’s class of outbound students. This Spring, among other things, she will travel to New York City with the Watertown High School International Club and also travel to the West Coast as part of a tour organized by Rotary.
In closing, thank you to Jeff and Joyce Combs for transporting Gina to the orientation in Cornwall…truly Service Above Self!
District 7040 YE Calendar of Events 2019-20 (Drivers Needed!!)
February 14-17           District Ski Trip
                                      Location:  TBA
March 9-13                 Possible optional trip to Iqaulit            
April 24-26                   Spring Retreat                                                                                                                                                                                                           
                                       Location:  Kingston, ON
June 5-7                        Farewell Weekend
                                        Location: Brockville, ON