Posted by Sandra Spadoni
Youth exchange updates: 
We are so pleased to report that Katrina continues to do very well at Sackets Harbor and with her new host family, the Flints. The Flints are not Rotarians but they met Katrina through her involvement with the Sackets Harbor girls' soccer team this summer and welcomed her into their home in December. David Flint is an ER physician and Connie Flint is an Accountant. They have two teenage daughters who go to school with Katrina, and two very adorable dogs. Here are a few pictures of Katrina with the Flint family at Christmas, on vacation to Vermont, trying snowboarding with her host sisters, and getting recognized by her family at "Senior Night" at the last home game for the varsity basketball season, and on a spring break trip to Florida, where she got to go to Disney World and Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter exhibit. 
We are also very pleased to report that Katrina participated in Odyssey of the Mind, which is a team-based creative problem solving competition. Her host sisters were also on the team - and they won second place in their category and will go on to the state competition in Bingamton later this month. Their team also won OM's highest honor, the Renatra Fusca award for showing exceptional creativity. Congratulations Katrina and team! Katrina was able to compete in the regional OM competition and then head right on over to Kingston to join the other district exchange students at the Winter Jam, where they went rock climbing and enjoyed many other activities.
The District reports that they are very impressed with our outbound exchange student this year, Addisson. She was extremely prepared and enthusiastic and her parents are very supportive of her adventure. Her country placement news will be coming out very soon... stay tuned! We will invite her to visit the club soon and share her news.  
Need Drivers (Inbound and Outbound Students): 
Just like with our inbound student, Katrina, our outbound student, Addison, has several events-some required, as well as several fun activities- that we need to make sure she is able to attend.  so we need to start planning for drivers for those events now.
The first event is Orientation #1.  We will need to have a  driver to and from Cornwall on January  11-12. 
District does a great job of planning both the inbound and outbound events together whenever possible so for this weekend in January, both Katrina and Addison will need a ride. 

please let Liz Ward ( know if you can help out with driving. 
Below the list of upcoming events that one or the other student will need to attend this spring as well. We will need drivers for each event. 
March 2019
Winter Jam (Katrina)
1-3 March 2019 Kingston, Ontario
Orientation 2 (Addison)
22-24 March 2019 Ramada Inn, Cornwall, ON
April 2019
Spring Retreat (both)
Apr 12-14 or May 3-5 To be confirmed
May 2019
Orientation 3 (Addison)
11 May 2019 Ramada Inn, Cornwall, ON