Last spring, Noon Rotary and the City partnered to plant a number of trees in the Pinnacle Wood area of Thompson Park. This planting was a great success despite the snowy and cold weather! There is a need to continue reforestation efforts in nearby high-use areas of the park. Many of you may be aware that the majority of existing large “planted” trees located between the north side of the 10th Mountain Division Monument and the Pinnacle Outlook are of a similar age (circa ~1905), some existing trees even predate the park’s development. Many trees near the playground have suffered incredible damage during the ice storms and the microburst of the 1990’s. Since that time, a large number of trees have been removed and subsequent decay has affected most other large trees in this area of the park. Although unfortunate, the removal of potentially hazardous trees is a vital component of keeping streets, parks and playgrounds safe for all users.  Over the past two seasons, a total of 48 potentially hazardous trees within the entirety of Thompson Park were removed along trails, walking paths, roads, the Zoo, the Rotary Fitness Trail, park entrances and near the playground/pool area. Based on the City’s updated tree inventory and risk assessment data for trees located in Thompson Park, continued removal of potentially hazardous trees is expected annually. For these reasons, Rotary’s tree planting efforts in this area of Thompson Park near the playground is critical.
This year, our planting endeavor will take place on Saturday, April 25th.  Please mark your calendars early and plan on bringing friends and relatives who are interested in enhancing the beauty of Thompson Park and improving our environment. I have attached a map showing the area where we will be planting.
Kind regards,
Phil Sprague
Chairman, Rotary Tree Planting Committee