It's hard to  believe it's that time of year again! 
Rose Day kick-off is March 27th.  Make sure to come to our Rotary lunch that day to hear what this year's theme will be and what they have in mind. The committee will be handing out the sales cards and posters. We need to sell 100 dozen more than last year.  We don't have the Outdoor Expo this year or the Purple Heart raffle tickets to sell this year.  We need everyone to step up to the plate and really sell roses.  We no longer have the income from the Outdoor Expo this year so we have to cover that short fall to help with the club budget.   
You can order roses online from the Rose Day web site       so if you would like to buy your roses online check it out just click on the web address and it will take you to the page or click on the link on the left side under links.     
 Cut off date to turn in rose orders is May 22nd and the roses will be delivered on June 6th