Posted by Jeffrey Combs on Dec 03, 2020
From the President ...
Boy, that title has a "big impression" with it!!  ... but it's just me.  (Not to be confused with any messages or impressions that come from the "President".)
The elections seem to be pretty much over.  
If we are to believe what we hear, the journey with Covid is soon to be over as well.  Wouldn't that be great!!
In the meantime, we will continue to take all the precautions we can to protect our members, our community, and our guests as we wait for the implications of having several vaccines available and distributed to the public over the next year.  (I really don't think we will see "normal" meetings happening in my term as president of Noon Rotary of Watertown.)
We've felt the stress.  For those of us who have committed ourselves to "Zoom" meetings, it's really gone quite well, with a wide range of wonderfully informative speakers invited and organized by PP Dave Zembiec with some help by others at times.  I feel like the "bar" has been raised through this experience "by" those guest speakers for us, and "for" those guest speakers as they have joined us and experienced a Rotary quality event with our Zoom meetings.  This experience has changed us and our vision for our club to engage and be engaged by our community.  It will have lasting influence even after Covid is brought under control.
Painfully, we also acknowledge that there are many "missing members" that are not willing or able to join in with the online experience.  This is painful for me, because I used to enjoy sharing a meal and listening to so many members when we would physically meet.  I got so much out of those gatherings ... in a different way than I get so much out of Zoom.  I'm so ready to sit down to a very good meal (thank you Italian American Club) and just see and hear and be a part of the Rotary "gathering" (opposite of social distancing) of my colleagues.
In the meantime, hold fast to who you and we are.  Covid and politics has been so stressful for so many ... but it doesn't change our calling.  "Service Above Self"