Posted by Jeffrey Combs on Jun 03, 2021
In 1992 Gary Chapman PHD (a family therapist) published "5 Love Languages".  In that book he explores the 5 ways that people communicate and receive love.  What an eye opener.  Isn't it amazing that each individual has his or her way of saying...and being told... that they love someone...or are loved by someone.  We are after all quite different in how we give and receive that message.  The implications in a marriage are quite surprising.  If I don't tell you "I love you" in your language, you won't get the message.  
   1) Words of Affirmation
   2) Quality Time
   3) Receiving Gifts
   4) Acts of Service
   5) Physical Touch
In Rotary, we are focused on Acts of Service … Service Above Self is our motto.  We're not in Rotary for what it does for us (although it does much for us) ...Rather, we're in Rotary to show our deep appreciation and love for our fellow Rotarians, our community, our country, ...and yes, for the world that has blessed us with life itself.
Thank you for loving me in so many ways this past year, whatever your language.  It has been an honor to serve (Love) you.
President Jeff