Posted by Jeffrey Combs
 Well, it's official.  We are now 2 months into the 20-21 Noon Rotary year.  ... and welcome to the world of "Zoom" meetings.  Boy do I miss a nice sit down meal with the peers that have become so special to me!!  "Food and Fellowship" is a major part of the church culture that I grew up with, and we have given that up reluctantly.  The additional piece in that fellowship picture is that I know some of you are going through some hard times ... and I feel like I can't even be there for you.  (The "social" aspect of meals together seems to have given us permission to be more open with each other as to what's happening in our personal lives.)
     Welcome to the new Zoom reality.  
   1)  I feel more intimate with our guest speakers.  It seems like they're talking directly to me when I'm looking into their eyes, reading their body language, and know that I can talk and ask questions directly from them when the time comes.  It's an interesting and unexpected "improvement" in communication between me and some great, high quality, community leaders.  (Thank you Dave Zembiec and others for a great job using your connections to make this happen.)  ... I have to shave and dress up a little more than usual, knowing that I don't want my nose hairs to become a distraction.
   2)  Our attendance has remained somewhat steady ... 36 to 45 each noon meeting.  That's great.  At the same time I am aware that a very significant part of our membership, some regulars, are missing.  Can we do anything to get those members back involved?  (How about a small, socially distanced gathering at someone's home or office with a big screen display/camera ... and maybe a simple lunch together while they attend our zoom meeting with a facilitator?  (It would be worth it to our Noon Rotary Club to buy carry in lunches for this, and let the missing membership cover the cost of the meal.  ... we're already trying to cover the cost of the missing meals with our "meal fund".)
   3)  Our connection/communication with District 7040 leaders like Hadi has a new strength to it when DG Hadi can join any club meeting without leaving his home.  Time and $$ commitments have been the biggest expenses for anyone to take on the DG responsibilities ... and now that's significantly reduced.  We have tossed around the idea of continuing zoom meeting availability even if/when we can start meeting in person again.  (I think that's a must in this new "Zoom" world we live in.)
My biggest regret is that by the time we get through this pandemic, it may be too late to sit down and share food and fellowship with some of you.  I am a pragmatist at heart, and we have to deal with the Covid19 threat seriously.  But if that meal together never happens again with you, it will be a great loss.  BE SAFE, BE WELL ... and let's hope for better times to come!!
President Jeff Combs