Posted by Tom Deuson
Our most recent JIPC project is a great example of how our clubs funding for humanitarian projects is maximized, our Club’s out of pocket expense was $2500.  
The Malawi Early Literacy Team, Watertown, NY, wrote, illustrated, and published ten new early readers titles for the mobile library in the Northern Region of Malawi, Africa that they have operated since 2015.  500 copies of each title were printed adding an additional 5,000 readers to the library system. The Rotary Grant paid for $8,000 of the printing costs- all other expenses were covered by M.E.L.T.  These books were printed in Watertown and
Rotarians in Mzuzu, Malawi, assisted in receiving and transporting the books upon their arrival in Malawi, Africa.
 M.E.L.T. serves 30 teachers from 15 primary schools located in an extremely rural area where materials are scarce for teaching. This service reaches over 2,200 children annually.  This project included a four-person team traveling to Malawi to deliver the books, do major upgrades to our library, and hold a professional development workshop for the teachers who will be using these new materials.