Paul Harris Fellow Recognitions
At recent Club meetings, the Foundation Committee has recognized 10 Club members for achieving a Paul Harris Fellow:  Marsha Anderson (6th), Michelle Carpenter (1st), Janice Charles, (5th), Tom Deusson (2nd), Lisa L’Huillier ( 2nd), Michelle Pfaff (5th), Jill Renshaw (3rd), Joe Rich (5th), Jeff Wood (6th), and Dave Zembiec (5th).
Since January 2021, our Club has recognized a total of 15 PHFs: 12 Club members (Jane Gendron’s 4th and Don Klug’s 6th in addition to the 10 Club members listed above) and 3 non-Club members.  If we were to add up the donations represented by these individuals over their years of contributions to the Rotary Foundation, that total would equal $54,000.  That’s quite a legacy.