The key drivers of the Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra are ‘fun, fellowship and service’. But what does the Club actually do in the community?

The Rotary motto Service above Self conveys the humanitarian spirit of the 1.2 million global members of Rotary International. Strong fellowship among Rotarians and meaningful community and international service projects characterise Rotary worldwide.

In the spirit of Rotary, the key drivers of the Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra are ‘fun, fellowship and service’. We work with local, national and international organisations to assist those in need through a variety of community service projects and development opportunities.

We may be a local club, but we are also part of a family that reaches around the world. Through our relationships with other Rotary clubs we have enhanced capacity and capability to engage in larger projects.

  A few examples of our recent projects include:
 ü  Building the Gazebo in the park adjacent to the community centre
 ü  Providing timber outdoor furniture to the Jerrabomberra Public School
 ü  Providing a meal for the homeless once a month at St Benedict’s Community Centre in  Queanbeyan
 ü  Providing physical assistance to numerous ‘working bees’ in support of community groups and individual families
 ü  Regularly sponsoring members of our younger community to attend Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment camps, Rotary Youth Leadership Award residential courses, and the National Youth Science Forum
 ü  In 2010/2011 we sponsoring a Jerrabomberra exchange student to live and study in the US for 12 months
 ü  Between 2008 and 2011 we hosted international exchange students from Mexico, Belgium and Austria, each for 12 month periods
 ü  We recently hosted Rotary Group Study Exchange teams from New Zealand, British Columbia and Germany
 ü  We have brought children from third world countries to Canberra for life saving/life changing operations
 ü  We support the organisation and running of the Canberra 24 hour MS Mega Swim raising funds for MS, and the Queanbeyan Relay for Life raising funds for cancer research.
 ü  Under the Rotary Australia World Community Service program our members have participated in voluntary service programs in Thailand, Vanuatu and Tanzania, with a further project planned for Tonga in 2013
 Funds that we raise are put to good use as can be seen from the following examples of recipients of our donations:
 ü  Snowy Hydro SouthCare Rescue Helicopter
 ü  St Benedict’s Community Centre
 ü  Home in Queanbeyan
 ü  Barnardos
 ü  Jerrabomberra Public School
 ü  PND Advisory Group (a postnatal depression support group)
 ü  An AED (Automated External Defibrillator)  installed at the Jerrabomberra “big” shops
 ü  Burying of a time capsule for Jerrabomberra to recognise the Club’s 10th anniversary in November 2008
 ü  Building of ramps and yard renovation for a wheel-chair bound child in Jerrabomberra
 ü  Australian Rotary Health Research Fund
 ü  Legacy
 ü  Mosquito nets to malaria infested areas of PNG
 ü  Prostate Foundation
 ü  Rotary – Polio Plus
 ü  Rotary – Reaching Oceania with Medical Aid for Children
 ü  Supply of Shelter Boxes to disaster ravaged areas such as Aceh, China and Kinglake
Most importantly in all that we do, we have fun doing it, and enjoy the fellowship and community spirit that comes from giving something back and placing service above self. We mix business with social activities and enjoy high quality speakers at our meetings and interesting vocational visits within our community.


 The Realities
 The Rotary Club of
 Jerrabomberra Inc
 PO Box 8
 Jerrabomberra NSW 2619
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ü If you believe Rotary members come from diverse backgrounds - you are RIGHT!
The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra has members from many walks of life, nursing, consulting, engineering, teaching, accounting, defence, public affairs, administration, transport, building, to name just a few.  The common bond between members is a desire to help others and have fun doing it.

 ü If you believe adults of all ages are Rotarians – you are RIGHT!
Rotary has no restrictions on age other than being over 18. The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra members range in age from 19 to 73 years young. We are always looking for new members; the younger the better.

ü If you believe Rotary is gender neutral - you are RIGHT! 
 REALITY: Rotary is a modern organisation and welcomes both male and female members. The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra currently has 30 members with close to 50% representation of male and females.

ü If you think Rotary is a family organisation - you are RIGHT!
The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra has several married couples and two sisters among its membership.  Members with children are welcome to most Rotary functions.

ü If you believe that Rotarians have fun – you are RIGHT!
The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra has regular dinner meetings, participates in many community and fundraising activities and has frequent social activities. Underlying all activities is  strong fellowship amongst the Rotarians and their families and a fun loving approach to getting things done.

ü If you have heard that Rotary meetings are fun and interesting – you heard CORRECTLY!
Individual Rotary clubs meet at different times to best suit their members. In Jerrabomberra we are a dinner club, with meetings on Thursday between 6.30 and 8.30pm.  We are a very informal club with “official” Rotary business usually only occupying about 30-45 minutes; the remainder of the meeting is allocated to guest speakers and/or presentations on a topic of interest to members.
  We might also have a “vocational visit” to a place of work and discover what others do within our community.  Or we may visit another club (or invite another club to join us) for a social night or simply have a games night ourselves.  A meal is available at all meetings though it is optional.

üIf you believe you can come along to any Rotary meeting as a guest.  You are RIGHT!
REALITY: Guests are always welcome at our meetings, and attending as a guest is a good way to discover the realities of Rotary and confirm it is something you want to get involved in.

ü If you believe you could fit Rotary into your already hectic schedule – you are RIGHT!
Many people say they are too busy to join Rotary due to the required time commitment. In reality this is probably not the case.  Rotary does meet weekly, and while it benefits members to attend as often as they can, a 50% attendance during the year is fine.  Moreover participation in the clubs service projects and programs also contributes to this attendance requirement.

ü If you believe you could assist Rotary without the commitment of joining – you are RIGHT!
The Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra has a “Supporters of Rotary” group.  This is an alternative to full membership for people who wish to assist in the community but feel they are not able to commit fully to Rotary at the time.  We have had supporters who have later become full members when their circumstances permitted. Please call us for more details.

ü  If you believe Rotarians have great travel experiences – you are RIGHT!
It’s not all work and no play. 

 January and December 2006, several of our members travelled to the northern hills of Thailand and helped build facilities at a training centre for children.

 September 2006 a total of 10 members and partners visited a Rotary club in New Zealand with a similar age and gender demographic as ours and were home hosted (a great saving on accommodation).  We reciprocated in 2007. The Kiwis visited us in November 2008 to help celebrate our 10th birthday. 

July 2008 several members visited Vanuatu to extend the hospital Emergency Department and also renovate a school building for the local native children.  We hope to visit Vanuatu in the future to continue work at the local school.

August 2010 our club led a group of Rotarians to Tanzania to the School of St Jude where we spent two weeks helping the school with building projects and working with the children.

2013 trip to Tonga to provide water and sanitation facilities at a local school.

  • 3rd Year RAWCS – Club team to enhance the teaching and associated facilities and refurbishment of school classrooms at Lapaha School, Tonga.
  • Hosted inbound exchange student Hannah Gilles from Germany.
  • Sponsored outbound exchange student William Hansen to the USA
  • Hosted ROMAC patient Fitzpatrick Unga from Solomon Islands during critical medical attention at Canberra Hospital.
  • Sponsored one student to RYLA
  • Sponsored one student to RYPEN
  • Total disbursements of $20,000.00 made to local, international and Rotary activities.
  • Hosted ROMAC patient Noa Sauvou from Fiji during critical surgery at Canberra Hospital.
  • Sponsored one student to RYPEN
  • Total disbursements of $29,925.00 to local, overseas and Rotary activities.
  • Members undertook rehabilitation of lakeside fitness trail.
  • Junior’s on Watch extended to Queanbeyan East Primary School.
  • Tree planting Jerrabomberra.
  • Sponsored one student to NYSF
  • Provided financial assistance totalling $19,839.00 to a wide range of local, international and Rotary activities.
  • Support to Karabar Housing Cooperative
  • new bathroom for an 80year old resident.
  • assistance in the planning and construction of split-level dwellings and new affordable housing.
  • Hosted inbound exchange student Reo Abe from Japan.
  • Sponsored two students to RYPEN
  • Sponsored one student to NYSF
  • The Club dispersed $4,2681.00 to charitable organisations local and overseas.
  • Provision of four park benches at ovals and recreation areas within the Jerrabomberra community.
  • Installation of sailcloth sunshade at Waterfall recreation playground.
  • Sponsored two students to NYSF
  • Dispersed $41,025.00 to a range of local, international and Rotary activities.
  • Secured $60,000 funding to enable construction of an adult change table facility to be constructed in Braidwood.