In September of 2015 the International Director for Jerra Rotary, Robert Chilman (aka Chilly), was advised of Noa and his condition. From that day Chilly promised to do all he could to get Noa approved by ROMAC for surgery. Upon his return from Tonga after the successful completion of Lapaha Primary School Refurbishment Chilly then set off to Fiji to begin the application process. In February of 2016 Noa’s surgery was approved and scheduled to take place in Canberra.


Believe it or not, that was the easy part. Noa and family live in a small village on the island of Levuka off the eastern coast of Fiji and approximately 80 km from Suva, Fiji’s capital. Needless to say, it was a major task getting all the necessary paperwork done for Noa and his mother Emeli, to travel to Australia. After many months of being persistent on everyone’s part, all the paperwork was ready. Happy days ROMAC can now kick into high gear, and wow are these guys & gals good. But wait, we still have to deal with Fiji airline, one minute they are flying out of Nadi, no Suva, no Nadi, no Suva. And there’s more, on the morning they are due to fly to Australia some low ranking official at Fiji Air told them they could not board the plane without a return ticket. Chilly sprung into action and called the right people at ROMAC, and they sorted things out, thanks, Kelsey and Barry. Noa and family are now Australia-bound. The trip began at 1:30 am when they flew from Levuka to Nadi to Sydney.

That is where Chilly picked them up from the airport then they had a three-hour drive back to Canberra. Everyone is now safely back at Chilly’s place where they will live for the next couple of months while Noa has his operation and recovery time. Special thanks to Chilly, Jerra Rotary, and all the beautiful people at ROMAC.