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Freya Jansens  has been granted an Global Grant Scholarship to study an MBA at Oxford. She is interested and passionate about following the Fashion Supply Chain and making it more ethical. Her area of focus is Economic and Community Development.
In developing countries, 90% of the garment industry workers are women. She hopes to develop and implement an alternative supply chain for the Australian Fashion Industry by empowering women and developing a best practice model for the Australian Fashion Industry. By empowering and educating these women, more money goes back into the local economy and community in terms of food and education. In most of these companies and industries, there is no day to day on the floor management. It has been proven that management training leads to increased production. 
At the present time, most garment workers are paid in cash which leads to increased risk of robbery. There is no record of supply chain. By intoducing Mobile Banking, there will be a record and it will be more secure.