Karabar Housing Cooperative Bathroom Reno

Through the support of a donation from Rotary Club of Jerrabomberra, The Karabar Housing Cooperative were able to fully renovate a bathroom.
Karabar Housing Cooperative Ltd (the Cooperative) has existed for 33 years. It is a small charity committed to providing quality affordable housing to people on low incomes and with limited means in the Queanbeyan region. 
The Cooperative’s tenants range in age from 4 to 86. The Cooperative is proactive in adapting to the changing needs of its tenants, ensuring the configuration of properties meet changing household demographics and allow for ageing in place.  
The Cooperative is co-located and collaborates closely with other homeless support/housing organisations and contributes to various community projects. Co-location allows the Cooperative to share resources and to better advocate for tenants by facilitating referrals to mental health, financial and other support available to low income and marginalised groups. 

Karabar Housing Cooperative is deeply appreciative of the work undertaken by the Rotary Club and its success in making a real difference to the local community. We are thrilled to be a recipient of those endeavours. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to express our deepest and sincerest appreciation for the $10,000 donation you have recently made to Karabar Housing Cooperative in support of its bathroom renovation project. Your donation has meant that our initial timeframe for renovating and presenting our senior tenants with mobility friendly, accessible and beautiful bathrooms was able to be brought forward by 12 months. 

This final bathroom, paid for by Rotary Jerrabomberra, was completed at the end August 2019 and belongs to an 84-year old woman who has been a long-term tenant of Karabar Housing. I take great pleasure in attaching photographs which depict the quality and workmanship that your donation made possible, and you can see the sheer joy and gratitude demonstrated by the recipient in response to your kindness. While her reduced mobility was becoming a great concern for her, she happily informed me that her recent ACAT assessment found that her home was safe and consistent with the required standards and safeguards for ageing in place. 

Thank you once again for your very kind donation and ongoing support.