Posted by Cathy Hobbs on Aug 29, 2019
Yoga & Meditation Fellowship
Where Wellness meets Happiness
Purpose of this Fellowship
  1. Reach out to schools to impart Yoga & Meditation practices to enhance Mindfulness & Wellness
  2. Create communal harmony and promote peace
  3. Create a community of Yoga & Mediation practitioners in each club
  4. Connect Rotarians & families to share best practices in Mindfulness & Wellness
  5. Train interested Rotarians & families in Yoga & Meditation
We were privileged to have as our guests this week Bala & Roma Murthy visiting us from Troy, Michigan - Rotary District 6380. (on a side note - this is the district I originally came from on a GSE in 2001 - more on that another time). They were being hosting by Tony & Katie from Belconnen. Bala & Roma are members of the International Travel & Hosting Fellowship
Bala gave a snapshot of guided meditation with some breathing exercises and techniques that we could use on a daily basis
We tried some Laugha Yoga techniques as well.
What is Laugha Yoga? 
They say that laughter is the best medicine 
(These points taken from Bala's slides)
Everyone understands Laughter
  • International, across all races, all cultures
  • All languages & cultural barriers disappear
  • Bringing message of hope & healing
  • More we laugh, more fun we have
  • Key to opening up communication
  • Laughter is contagious, liberating
  • Lightens the mind and exercises the body
? Laugha Yoga