Peace and Conflict Resolution programs are a main service project area
at the Rotary Club of North Minneapolis
The Rotary Club of North Minneapolis is known as the Little Club that Can. Founded in 2012, we work hard to both promote North Minneapolis and to make it a better, more harmonious place to live.  While much of North Minneapolis has vibrant, lively and diverse neighborhoods, we acknowledge that parts of our area have very high crime rates and gang violence.  We believe positive activities often displace negative activity as people take back their streets and neighborhoods.
In 2015, our Club received a District 5960 Grant to promote Peace and Justice in the neighborhoods of North Minneapolis. In partnership with Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social-Disorder (MAD DADS) an international organization bringing conflict resolution and peace advocacy to troubled areas, our Rotary Club organized a variety of activities to spotlight Peace and Justice
After the killing of north sider Jamar Clark in the fall of 2015, Rotary Club of North Minneapolis responded quickly to sponsor a Peace Forum bringing all factions of the issue together with the goal of engaging in a respectful and positive manner.   One of the initiatives resulting from the Peace Forum is the designation of four Peace Blocks in North Minneapolis with Rotary information; the addition of two Peace Benches purchased by the Club, and having over 4,000 people take a “Peace Pledge,” with the purpose of working individually toward creating a more peaceful environment in the community.  Community members also agreed to place “I Stand Up for Peace” signs in their yards.
The Rotary Club of North Minneapolis is delighted to continue activities related to the project. When you visit our vibrant neighborhoods, be on the lookout for a Rotary Peace Garden at 18th and Emerson.  We will keep moving forward, standing up for Peace as we go and we welcome you to come along with us!