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The Rotary Club of Iqaluit is now in its 35th year. Over this period the Club has made major contributions to the well-being of the people of Iqaluit and through international projects, to residents of other countries. The Rotary Club of Iqaluit focuses its activities on themes related to youth and elders, with the largest proportion of our budget is devoted to projects in these two demographic areas. Although sporting activities have been supported in the past, it was determined that there are sufficient funds available from other sources such as Sport North, the Legion, and the BPO Elks. Therefore, the Rotary Club of Iqaluit focuses its attention on those areas which commonly do not receive active financial support. The Club also considers projects or programs of a start-up nature, providing support to allow groups to “get up and running.” Club support is frequently financial, but can also be through advice and service, with active participation of Club members.

Allocation of Support:
Each year members of the Club review on-going activities and establish a budget, with priorities for the upcoming year. This budget and activity plan reflects the ability of the Club to raise funds, and to provide service to the community. It is understood that support categories will change as the community changes, and as activities and groups evolve. In developing the annual budget the Club identifies envelopes against which proposals can be slotted. New initiatives may be added, but only by consent of the membership, and after an approved change of the budget. Allocation of funds or in the provision of support will be judged against the criteria identified in the application. The budget and activity plan for the Club are established for a year at-a-time, beginning on July 1. Any requests for major program support must be made before May 30, in order to be considered for inclusion in the planning process.

We review our annual budget in January, so a second time for possible financial request submissions is December of each year.

How to Apply for Support:
Applications for support, whether financial, for advice or for active involvement of the Club must be made in writing. Funding requests are referred to the Club Executive who review the application and make a recommendation on the nature and level of support (Executive Meetings are held once a month). These recommendations are then brought forward to the full Membership for approval.

Proposals must:

  • clearly identify the purpose, background and goals of the organization;
  • clearly identify the nature and purpose of the project being proposed;
  • clearly identify how it fits within the two primary themes of the club;
  • identify how it will positively impact our community;
  • where possible, identify other possible sources of funding applied for; (PROVIDE A DETAILED BUDGET)
  • clearly identify the “sweat equity” of the group involved;
  • provide a clear budget, identifying what proportion of the budget is expected from Rotary, or what support is required from the Club; (IDENTIFY IF OTHER SERVICE CLUBS HAVE BEEN APPROACHED) identify what the organization making the request is providing and offering
  • identify the project's time frame, monitoring and reporting actions; and,
  • identify POSSIBLE intent to engage in supporting another Rotary activity (ie Help Iqaluit Rotary through volunteering at one of our eevents)

Applications must clearly identify the name, address and telephone number of the applicant or officer of the organization applying for support.

Where to Apply:
Proposals can be given to any Rotarian for transmission to the Club’s Executive. However, proposals are logged as to when they are received, and therefore, mailing them to the Club’s addresses is usually more efficient. Applications can also be sent electronically to the Club Secretary - noted on our web page - just click the Secretary's name)

The Rotary Club of Iqaluit
P.O. Box 535
Iqaluit, Nunavut
X0A 0H0

What the Rotary Club of Iqaluit does not support:

  • The Rotary Club of Iqaluit is apolitical and does not support political organizations or lobby groups.
  • The Club does not support projects of a religious nature.
  • The Club does not support business proposals.
  • The Club does not support programs or services which would normally be offered or funded by Government, as part of their normal operating practice.