Posted by Jeffrey MacFarlane on Aug 10, 2017
For our August 9th meeting, the club took over The Bistro!
First, a thanks to Steve who chaired last week's meeting in my absence. I will be away again next week (Angie is helping out at the Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp in the Cypress Hills) so Steve will again be in charge.
Thanks too to our program committee for arranging the off-site meeting and Debbie in particular for arranging our ghost tour.
Leah took on the job of greater. Thanks.
We had only a very brief meeting. I introduced all of the guests: Matt, Monique, Lars and Sven who are recently returned from Australia; Ryan's fiancee Jen, Trish's daughter Tanya and my daughter Abi.
Honorary member Vance celebrates a birthday Aug 13 and honorary member Udo has been in Rotary for 13 years.
I receive a letter from the district approving our two grants. We are getting $2,000 for our high school scholarships and $7,500 for Search and Rescue.
Lobster Boil (Sept 30) planning is underway according to John.
Chad is finalizing host families for Maarjte who arrives Aug 26.
Dr Cindy has tickets for the Mexican Dance Troop (Sept 18) for those that can help sell them.
We were treated to a Wonderful meal by Ed and the staff at the Bistro. Ed's daughter Maya was an exchange student to Switzerland last year (sent out by the High River club) and she popped in to say hello.
After dinner, Kathy from the Museum lead us through downtown to tell of of the ghosts that inhabit the area. It was a beautiful night with great stories.