Posted by Jeffrey MacFarlane on Aug 21, 2017
Our incoming exchange student has sent me an email with some information about her and pictures.


My name is Maartje and I live in the Netherlands. I am 16 and will turn 17 two days before I arrive in Canada. My parents are divorced so I live in two different cities. I live in Monnickendam, a small city near Amsterdam, with my dad and I live in Baarn with my mom. I have already finished a part of high school in the Netherlands, but I will probably continue after my exchange year. Our schoolsystem here is very different to the kind in Canada. I will explain it when I arrive, because it's hard to explain through email. I have two older siblings: My brother Siem, he is 18 and my sister Dita, she is 20. My brother is still in high school and my sister is a medicine student. She just finished her second year. I am very intrested in music. I am learing to play the piano (I unfortunately haven't been able to play for the past few weeks beacuse of my broken collarbone) and I sometimes play the guitar and sing but I am not really good at those two. Another passion is musical. I've played in two schoolmusicals and I've also had lessons in playing in musicals, n which I learnt how to dance, sing and act. I havent done that in a while, but I did very much like it. I dont really play sports but I do usually go to the gym around two times a week. Before i broke my collarbone I worked in a icecream store around 4 to 5 days a week to earn extra money for my exchange. Next to that, I deliverd the paper three times a week. 


 I am very much looking forward to my exchange in Canada. For what I've seen on pictures is it a beautiful country and I can't wait to explore it and see all the amazing places. I am working on a wish list of some things I would love to do next year.