Okotoks Rotary launches new Satellite Club


Throughout the world of Rotary Clubs; 200 Clubs were granted the ability to organize a “Rotary Satellite Program”.  In this 3 year pilot program, the Okotoks Rotary Club is working through the process to create a special “Satellite Club” geared to meet the volunteer needs of its region’s young professionals.  The new group will meet on a different day, likely an early evening 5-6 pm or morning 7-8am.  The Satellite Club will work along with the existing Chartered Okotoks Rotary Club; also within the guide lines that all Rotary Clubs follow. 


The new group will work with the existing Okotoks Rotary Club including identifying and implementing their own projects.  The program will also include quarterly joint meetings as well as sharing special events such as Christmas gatherings, Leaders of Tomorrow program and events to remember... Vimy Ridge and Remembrance Day.

On Oct 12, 2011, while entertaining the District Governor Mike French, seven of the initial twelve new members were inducted into Rotary.  The Okotoks Rotary Club President Marvin Pawlivsky, Membership Committee Director Brandon Mohr and Club Treasurer Lynn Peterson were on hand to initially welcome the new members to the Okotoks Rotary Club and Satellite Club, Program.   President Marvin Pawlivsky expressed his feeling of excitement to have seven new members sworn in at one time and made positive comments of the program.  The Okotoks Rotary Club is honoured to have had District Governor Mike French in attendance to perform this momentous event.

New Members in attendance... Corinne Finnie; Ana McFadyen; Tanya Thorn; Jason McFarlane; Greg Aimer; Matt Rockley; Kerri Van Hell...  Unavailable for the ceremony were Rob Bolton; Lee Watkins; John Barlow; Nick Ruigrok and Josh Kulbaba.  Membership Director Brandon Mohr commented that we are excited about where we are this quickly and is looking forward to hosting many more of our young professionals and hopefully having them join this great organization and program.  He welcomes anyone in the community to not hesitate contacting any of our club members to find out how they can get more involved with Rotary and about their commitment requirements should they join.