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Recruitment and retention of members is one of the key duties of every Rotary Club. This strategy was presented to the Club by Dick Nichols and is currently being implemented.


Recruitment Strategy


1.       Member Satisfaction Survey

Purpose: to determine the membership's satisfaction with the current status of the club in the following areas.

a)       the costs associated with club membership

b)      the weekly meetings

c)       the level of information received

d)      the opportunities for community service

e)       the openness of the executive to ideas and suggestions

f)        the opportunities members have to learn about the club

g)       the members' knowledge of and appreciation for Rotary as a organization

h)       the members involvement in club activities

i)         the opportunities for fellowship

j)        opportunities for recognition


2.       Club Health Check

Analyze results and identify strengths which can be exploited and weaknesses that need to be corrected


3.       Determine The Ideal Size Of The Club

Rotary Service Index - one member for every 125 - 130 people in the community is the benchmark. We need to determine if this is what we want.


4.       Review Classification Status

Purpose: identify which classifications we already have and who are the prospective members in the community who can fill the empty classifications.


5.       Brainstorm Recruitment Strategies

·         Recruitment competition (teams)

·         Wine and cheese night

·         Rotary brochure

·         Rotary Meets Here signs at front door and in pro shop

·         Desk plaque for members offices

·         Individual meetings between President and key prospects

·         Involve spouses of key prospects

Retention Strategy


1.   The Environment For Retention

·         Know the new members' interests

·         Volunteer work must compliment the volunteer's values

·         Volunteers must be integrated into the organization


2.       Termination Profile Of A Rotary Club in District 5360

Years in Rotary                   <1                  1-2                  2-3                  3-4                  4-5                  >5                              

Dropout Rate                   32%                  28%                  4%                  8%                  12%                  16%


3.       Common Rotary Motivators

a)       Opportunities for fellowship

b)       Opportunities for networking

c)       Belief that a goal is achievable

d)       Constant recognition of effort and time spent working toward a goal

e)       Belief that the goal will benefit the community

f)        Assignments that are challenging or use personal skills


4.       Management Tools for Retention

a)       Mentoring

b)       Education

c)       Involvement

d)       Fellowship

e)       Recognition


5.       Mentoring

·         Assign a mentor to every new member

a)      Take the lead in encouraging the new member to attend

b)      Be available to answer questions

c)       Advise new member on club customs and practices


6.       Education

·         Increases perceived value in being a Rotarian

·         Provides opportunities for involvement

·         Promotes greater understanding of issues

·         Enables progressive increases in responsibilities and leadership


7.       Involvement

  • Triggers positive feelings toward the club

a)       Feelings of personal achievement

b)       Personal growth

c)       Personal recognition

d)       Increasing responsibility

e)       Personal satisfaction


8.       Fellowship

  • Achieves human need to belong, which will result in heightened self-image, empowerment and satisfaction


9.       Recognition

  • The fundamental principle of recognition is that you get what you reward.
  • We need to develop and institute a "President's Choice" award to be given weekly to the person who made a significant contribution to the community as determined by the Four Way Test. - ask Paul to lead this.
  • Member birthday and anniversary recognition