Steve's Stuff 21 July

Posted on Jul 21, 2016
President report for the 21st of July.
Hello gents,
What a great meeting it was last Thursday and it’s good to see the return of some members from their holidays. We had a superb guest speaker this week being Clair Finter from Qld Eye Specialists, not only did Clair give us an insight into the different types of eye issues that people face and the latest treatment available, but she also shared with the club her connection with Rotary.  Clair’s Grandfather was a founding charter member of a Rockhampton based Rotary Club which motivated her to join Interact of which she become President. Her Rotary journey continued as she become a NYSF student which assisted her in gaining direction within her chosen career. What a great example and success story this is of the youth programs that we offer. 

Last week I attended the Joint Presidents meeting and there will be some event invitations that will be extended to us which I encourage you to attend if possible. Once I receive the meeting notes, I will have these distributed to you all for your information.

I also attended a Rotaract Club Meeting and you will be hearing more from me regarding this over the coming weeks. The club needs new members quickly and I ask that you invite any 18-25 YO employees, friends etc. to attend a meeting on the 3rd August from 6.00pm at the Spotted Dog. Please advise me via email if you are suggesting anyone as I will make sure they are supported on this evening.
Thanks to Peter Doohan for “multitasking” this week and completing the role of attendance officer and greeter… Also a big thanks to Robbie Edger for being my Chairman.
We had 2 other guests along this week again being Ronnie Hobi (son of Jorg) and Paul Bramley, thanks for your attendance.
One of the artists Fisch Rasy (Spanish Guitarist) has waived his fees for his performance at the International Taste Event and I will be sending out some information to our Facebook Page regarding his new business and guitar school. Please like and share his page in support of his kind gesture to us.
We had a “wash up” meeting of the International Taste Event last Thursday evening and thanks to those members who attended. Details of this meeting will be discussed at our breakfast meeting on the 4th August. You would have received by now a list of left over alcohol from this event, there is not much stock left and it would be good to get this cleared so please email Gary with your requirements.
Thanks to all those members who assisted at the Bundy Flavours combined Rotary event. This was a great day and the gross amount to be banked is just a tad over $10,000.00. The event expenses were approx. $4,000.00 and I will be providing the final outcome at the breakfast meeting on the 4th August.
I am out the country this week (having a break from Rotary ) so I will be absent from this Thursdays meeting. PP Chris Parker will be running the meeting and I’m sure he will be looking forward to leading a meeting once again.
Thanks again to everyone for your effort over the last couple of months, it has been “crazy” busy and I am glad that it’s all behind us now. 
Have a great week and I see you in two weeks.