Nov 07, 2019
Colin Glassco
Zambia Eye Clinics

Colin Glassco is a quiet champion of children at home and abroad.Colin was born in Vancouver on April 6, 1943, Colin developed an interest in business and also earned a pilot’s license. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s University and then a Master of Business Administration degree from McMaster University two years later in 1967.Colin began his career in the financial services sector in 1967, working as a regional manager with The Hamilton Group. In 1973. A subsequent transfer to the company’s Calgary offices in 1978 introduced Colin to the city and province that he would soon be proud to call his permanent home. As the job grew so did Colin’s impression of Alberta, a place where he found that, “everybody was full of entrepreneurial spirit and enjoying the great outdoors.”

Colin Glassco

After retiring from the oil and gas business, Colin had an opportunity to travel overseas with an organization that provided bed kits for children in third world countries. T

In 1998 Colin had the opportunity to take part in a trip to Vietnam with Project Outreach, a group of doctors and nurses that travelled to serve people overseas. There he witnessed the reaction of a child being able to see for the first time. Colin wanted as many children as possible to experience that same miracle.

He consulted with the Canadian charity Operation Eyesight to find a region where the Colin B. Glassco Foundation could focus its work and was pointed toward a doctor running eye clinics in rural Zambia. Colin travelled to the country in 1998 and found the greatest need in a very remote area called the Gwembe Valley. He began supporting the initiative to perform cataract surgeries and to counter trachoma, a widespread but easily preventable condition that can lead to blindness if not caught early on.