APU School Presentation
Oct 04, 2018
Memory Mdyetseni
APU School Presentation

Memory Mdyetseni:  An orphan from a young age, Memory Mdyetseni struggled hard to complete her education.


However in 2006, Memory graduated from university with a degree in education, a lifelong dream she once thought to be unattainable. She is now the Director of APU Secondary School for Girls in rural Malawi.  She is putting her considerable talents and passion into improving the lives of hundreds of other young girls who are suffering the same hardships that she overcame. 


During the 2005 famine in Malawi, Memory undertook the daunting task of launching her own Famine Relief Effort in her home region of Kasungu.  She and her husband Henry Mdyetseni, risked their lives to purchase, transport and distribute hundreds of bags of maize to thousands of the poorest villagers in Chamama, near Kasungu. 


Through her work with girls and education, as well as through her Famine Relief Effort, Memory has become a respected role model in her community.   She has single-handedly changed the views of the male leaders in her community. They are now encouraging their daughters to continue their schooling.  Not only are they willingly accepting leadership from a woman, they are actively seeking Memory’s advice. 


With the founding of Atsikana Pa Ulendo, Memory is now able to bring education to many of Malawi’s least fortunate. Because of Memory, hundreds of little girls now believe they have a future – a future that includes education, health, independence and empowerment.