Feed The Hungry
Dec 09, 2018
Feed the Hungry
Feed The Hungry

Feed The Hungry: Harry Pelton has enough volunteers in place for December 9th but could use some back up people. Thank you for volunteering! This is your friendly reminder. Please note the following:

· Please do not wear open-toed shoes!

· Please wear an extra layer of clothing during the cold months the Hall is very drafty!

· Please have a place to put your valuables!

· Please stay out of the kitchen unless you have specific instruction and need to enter!


Sunday, December 9, 2018

When do I arrive?

Please remind the morning crew to arrive at 9:30, the mid-day at 12:30, and the afternoon at 2:30.

Where is it located?

St. Mary's Hall is located at 221 18th Avenue S.W. (Google Maps) There is parking on the south side of the Hall off 19th Avenue. It is next to St. Mary’s Cathedral. You can find it one block west of St. Mary’s High School or just east of St. Monica’s Elementary School.


·  Minimum age to help out is 12.  Please invite friends and family to help out. 

Contact Harry Pelton at: harrypelton@gmail.com or Cell: (403) 585 - 2625   Home: (403) 244 – 9140 if you can help out  THANK YOU