ODE to Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean, 7020

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(by PDG Diana White)
‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the club
Everyone was chatting, there was such a hubbub!
Each of the members had plenty to say
About all the progress we have made on the way.
It’s the first year for our unique little group.
We’re a great success…we’re not in the soup!
We’re grateful to Kitty for leadership skills
And her boundless energy…she must be on pills!
Along the way we’ve each made a new friend.
We know, on each other, we can surely depend.
We are very different from clubs elsewhere:
We have a unique quality that E-clubs all share.
We meet in all weathers, come rain or come shine,
In our comfortable homes we can all recline.
No problem if the rain is pelting down,
Or a storm is brewing in the local town,
As long as our broadband connections are good,
Our weekly meetings continue - like they should.
We talk about Pen Pals and Butterflies,
About Polio and Raffles and much more besides.
I thank every one of our members today
For playing your part all along the way.
So thank you to Paul and Kitty and Lou,
To Anita and to Amarylis too.
For all the hard work, for guarding our flanks,
Devorath, Camille very, many thanks.
We won’t forget Christy, Anita, or Wein.
Thanks again to Keturah,  Jacquie and Nadine.
Our two French friends Henriette and Mioche,
Who else is out there…I know…Oh my gosh!
Our twin Denises (Hibbert and West),
And then there is Vincent, he’s the best!
Time spent with you all is something I treasure.
Getting to know you has been such a pleasure.
So from me, Diana, to all my new friends,
Warm Christmas wishes to you I send.
New Year celebrations will soon be seen.
Here’s to Rotary Service in 2014!