Every new year brings new dreams and new aspirations and the opportunity for new achievements " the idea is also true for rotary, and, at the beginning of this new year, I wish to present my compliments to our iprip Barry Rassin and his wife Esther for their leadership of inspiration. They have been brilliant examples for us in the world of rotary. We thank them for everything they have accomplished and everything they will continue to do. I also want to thank our ipdg Patrick Adizua and his wife lesline for driving our district, and for all the successes we could have reached this year.
I believe that this new year rotary will be a special year under the leadership of the president of Rotary International Mark Maloney and much more in our super district 7020. We are going to work together to build on the success of the past and especially those of the year 2018-2019 to reach higher heights.
Under the theme "Rotary connects the world". President of Rotary International encourages us to accentuate our connections. He begs us to connect to strengthen our clubs and to grow rotary, to, not compete with the family; to connect with the community of young professional thinkers in order to guarantee a new generation of rotarians leaders; to connect with partners From all over the world for a better and peaceful world.

In order to strengthen our clubs and grow rotary, I want to highlight the recent elevation of rotaraciens at the level of partners in the rotary service as well as more than 1000 Rotaract clubs that have received their charters this year. We really need to welcome our future leaders by working together with our rotaraciens and interaciens in serious projects by supporting them by helping them with Rotaract's Rotaract to rotary and interact to Rotaract. So, let's help them achieve their goals to accomplish more good things in our world.
Under the theme of the RI President 2019-2020 and reflecting on the motto of rotary " serve first " I want to remind you of the theme of our district " Serve Humanity guarantee our future ". so I encourage our clubs to adopt our Two district projects: presentation and control of diabetes "my health, my life, stop diabetes now" as well as hanwash.

However, the majority of the work of any district is made at the club level. So I want to present my compliments to the presidents of club who have taken the heavy responsibility to lead our clubs. I would like to present my compliments to the whole team of the district that will be the tool that will help to lead and, guide our clubs to this period of excitement, this impeccable service period, and this period of growth. Despite the responsibility of the presidents, each rotarian, rotaracien and interacien is encouraged to give its full participation so that all the community and international projects of each clubs are real success.
While our reason to do good in the world is not to be recognized, please be satisfied with the honor that comes from the presidential quote, DG award club of the month and the other international recce and district quotes in Submitting in time the different forms.
Finally, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you as a district governor. Your success is that of the district and Rotary International. Let's embrace the new year with enthusiasm, energy, commitment. Let's go beyond our clubs, borders of our countries, and our district for partnerships in order to deliver great impact projects. Let's embrace youth services projects. Let's use the motto of the Rotaract District Representative, Clayton Bromley " impact by unity " Serve Humanity and guarantee our future " Let's be connected to accomplish good things, and by reaching all these goals let's enjoy our fraternal Communion, let's meet together for To have an excellent year Rotary 2019-2020 In District 7020.

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