Signature Legacy Projects are projects we donate to over several years.  The Signature Legacy Projects Committee investigates and decides on the projects, and with the Board input, donates funds.  The projects include
  • Community Hubs, a new project
  • Rotary/Mattamy Greenway and onging project
  • Rotary Flames Gift, a past project

Community Hubs

In 2016 the Signature Legacy Committee has been working with United Way and The City to establish a partnership with the Community Hubs initiative. Rotary has the opportunity to become a founding partner of the Community Hubs initiative directed at implementing the Enough for All Poverty Reduction Strategy in Calgary.
This bold initiative takes a community development approach to building strong neighbourhoods across Calgary and, over the next seven years, will prototype, fund, and activate Community Hubs in six priority locations, all experiencing high levels of poverty.  This project will enable Rotary to do in Calgary what it does globally through the World Service Committee.  It will offer opportunities for both member engagement and new member recruitment.

Rotary/Mattamy Greenway

The Rotary Club of Calgary has been making major donations to the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway for 5 years!

Thirteen Calgary Rotary clubs, the Rotary Club of Cochrane and Rotoract are sponsors along with Mattamy Homes, and have come together to fund the bulk of the project. 

Parks Foundation Calgary is building on Calgary's nearly 1,000 km of pathways with the Rotary/Mattamy Greenway Project. When complete, the Greenway will be a 138 km network of parks and pathways that will encircle the city. Along the pathway, users will find unique amenities like no other in the city: specialty off-leash dog parks, family fitness parks, educational wetland interpretive areas, and unique play structures. The Greenway will be a year-round destination for cyclists, cross-country skiers, runners, walkers, nature lovers, and kids of all ages to play outdoors. Directly connecting to 55 Calgary communities in all four quadrants, and to The City of Calgary's existing pathway network, makes the Greenway accessible to all Calgarians. When completed, the Greenway will be the longest urban pathway and park system in the world.

Mattamy Homes is committed to creating a strong sense of community in the neighbourhoods it develops and builds.  For Mattamy Homes the Greenway project is a perfect fit since it reflects the core values that it holds dear. 

Rotary Flames Gift

In 2005, The Calgary Flames Foundation was identified as the community party and the Rotary Club of Calgary South soon followed as our Rotary partner.  These three partners made to a 5 year, 10 million dollar commitment to fund several health related projects that would serve the people of southern Alberta.  It was anticipated that these projects would resonate with Rotarians and non-Rotarians in District 5360 and beyond.