In 2016 the Signature Legacy Committee has been working with United Way and The City to establish a partnership with the Community Hubs initiative. Rotary has the opportunity to become a founding partner of the Community Hubs initiative directed at implementing the Enough for All Poverty Reduction Strategy in Calgary.
The Rotary Club of Calgary has approved the Community Hubs Initiative as its next multi-year Signature Legacy Project for five years starting in the 2017-2018 Rotary Year.
With our $2,000,000 investment, we join a $21,000,000 project in partnership with United Way and The City. Both partners have a deep knowledge of the social issues facing Calgarians. Rotarians will be involved in the consultation process with the 6 identified communities, where we will help them create Community Hubs that do three things:
• Reduce the social isolation of Community residents
• Provide access to services and programs and
• Support local residents to get involved and create change

"As a Founding Partner, Rotary will fill leadership roles at all levels of the Community Hubs initiative. From hosting barbeques and community consultations, to holding governance roles on advisory and steering committees; from operating programs like Stay In School and Christmas Hampers, to partnering with residents to launch community-wide projects, Rotary's involvement will extend far beyond a five-year financial contribution.
Community Hubs will also introduce Calgarians to Rotary in a new way.  Rotary will benefit from enhanced visibility among the hundreds of Calgarians who access the Hub sites daily, as well as an increased social media and online profile as United Way creates a specific marketing strategy for this partnership." (from the Project Overview)