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Hayley’s intro
Hands up if you found your library card, downloaded the apps and are now reading your heart out? Now I just need to sort out some kind of roster to share the iPad with my girls!
A couple of things from last week: could we please have some volunteers for Looper notes? At the moment we have Jeff and Rhonda who do a fantastic job but they are both suffering with a bit of writer’s cramp!
Jeannie has organised a packing night for You Have A Friend at the Mayberry, Meldrum and Anderson offices to be held on 15 September 2020 at 5.30. These packing nights don’t take long and is a very well organised production line. Donations of small bottles of hand sanitisers, disposable masks and deodorant are in need if you are able to help out.
This week’s speaker is the beautiful Nicole Schiller (she must be beautiful if she belongs to Julie) who will be educating us on Personal Development Breathwork.
Meeting Itinerary – 9 September 2020
6.45 – fellowship and set up of room
7.00 – meeting commences – words of wisdom
7.05 – breakfast
7.30 – our speaker – Nicole Schiller
7.50 – any other business and fines
8.00 – meeting ends
President 2020-2021 - Hayley Ryan
If you are unable to attend the meeting and upcoming meetings please let us know via the usual Rotary Email address please before the meeting. This is the usual courtesy required.
Cost of Breakfast is as before $20  
Contact Johnny Franco's 
Phone Number: 02 6672 3641
Payment :Rotary Club Mt Warning 
On the 15th September we will be packing "You Have A Friend" kits at Jeannie's office - 5.30pm.
If you can please help with the packing, that would be most appreciated. 
In addition, they require mini sanitiser bottles, disposable masks and both men's and women's deodorant. All donations gratefully accepted. See you there!
Fathers Day Mugs delivered to our friends in the nursing homes. Thank you to Judy Parker and Helen Hunt for sourcing the beautiful mugs, and to Marissa McDonald for organising the cards. And a big thank you to everyone who packed and delivered them - young, and well, not so young!!!!! (And the furry ones as well)
Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!

Transforming basic education in low income schools


By Octavio Jarrin R., member of the Rotary Club of La Puntilla, Ecuador and Keith E. Axtell, member of the Rotary Club of Marin Evening, United States

An assessment of mathematics teachers in Ecuador showed they received little training in content preparation and teaching techniques. This resulted in teachers with little motivation and enthusiasm when preparing and teaching their classes. In addition, some teachers do not have skills to manage large groups of students (40-50 per classroom). In Guayaquil, there are many urban areas with scarce resources in terms of facilities and equipment that can manage large groups of students.

In order to promote a more favourable environment for learning science and mathematics, a local organisation, Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral (ESPOL), designed a program called “Seedbed of Future Scientists and Engineers: Transforming the Basic Education of Low-Income Schools” which, with the endorsement and support of the Rotary Club of La Puntilla, has trained 120 teachers from 29 educational units located in ​​Monte Sinaí, a low-income area in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The pilot program was run from October 2018 through July 2019 with the aim to provide teachers the opportunity to learn educational tools. The pilot consisted of experimental play training in the following subjects: Mathematics A (development of inductive thinking), Mathematics B (development of deductive thinking), physics, chemistry, biology and language. Teachers learned how to create an environment where young people are encouraged to learn from their mistakes, ask questions, and think innovatively. Teachers learned techniques to introduce and encourage students to pursue careers in science, engineering and computer technology, which there is shortage of in Ecuador.

One of the key success factors for this program was the selection process of participant teachers. In personal interviews, the most important variable to note was the teacher’s interest in the development and welfare of their students. As an early indicator of progress, the participating teachers started sending us photos of how they were implementing what they had learned right after our first training. Student’s engaged faces, lit up with happiness and joy, encouraged teachers to question their previous teaching techniques.

Of the 125 teachers who started the program, 115 finished it. 82% of the participating teachers presented improvements in their teaching practices. Many enthusiastic teachers have established a weekly day for experiments, others have understood the need for continued education throughout life.

In a closing speech, a teacher commented that the sessions had led them to recognize that they had often preferred certainty instead of exploring new ideas, and that this course rather than just giving them an opportunity to learn a new teaching technique or work strategy, had given them a new mentality to address their commitment to professional development.

Looper Notes 2nd September, 2020
23 members and guests, Jenny Patton, Cate Collier and Kym, attended our first Spring Meeting.
President Hayley kicked off the meeting with another lame joke - What does a frog do when her car won't start? She gets it toad away.
Utterly ridiculous. We all know that frogs don't drive cars. They ride motorcycles.
Rhonda recited the 4 Way Test.
Jeannie confirmed that a packing day for You Have a Friend will be held at Mayberry, Meldrum and Anderson on 15 September 2020 from 5.30pm. Helpers as well as donations of supplies are sought.
Hayley reminded us of the presentation on World Suicide Prevention Day on 8 September 2020. Contact to attend on-line.
District Governor Andy's official visit to our Club is on 4 November.
Cherry reported on last Saturday's Membership Summit which she viewed on Facebook. Some of the key points were to get involved in the community and to be passionate.
Julie presented a Birthday Card to Stephanie as we "sang" Happy Birthday in sign language led by Susan.
Kym and Cate spoke on some of the facilities available at the Tweed Regional Library's Murwillumbah Branch and handed out brochures 
The Library offers E books and E magazines (including foreigh language magazines) on line. Audio books are also available on-line.These are not compatible with Kindle.
The Library also provides Wifi.
There is also a Seed Library and access to
All these services are free. You just need to hold a Borrower's Card which can be installed as an App on your phone. The only requirement to become a Borrower is that you must show the Library that you are a resident of Tweed Shire.
Kym and Cate answered a number of questions on the systems that have been put in place because of Covid 19.
Julie moved a Vote of Thanks, as she said from the prospective of an old person, for our guests' address as well as for the Library's donation of discarded books for our Book Fair.
On the third attempt  Kaileen won the Raffle.
Elizabeth and Peter conducted a Fine Session before Hayley closed the meeting.
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