A letter to District Governon Fran Leggett from Assistant Governor Pat Romerman


I am happy to report that Ernie Ryckman, Wayne McCune and myself attended the Rotary Club of Airdrie meeting today. My goal was to introduce Ernie and Wayne to Derek and Shelley and have a discussion about what the plans are around the Didsbury/Carstairs Club.

There was some extra time near the end of the meeting and Derek asked us to tell the Club directly what the plans were. Wayne got up and gave some history about getting the Club going and some of the road blocks they have encountered.

The Club members asked some questions and then whole heartedly agreed to Sponsor the new Club. I did not expect this at all. We now have a Sponsoring Club.

There will be a meeting next Wednesday at 5PM at the Country Nook Restaurant in Didsbury and I believe that some Airdrie members will be there as will I. Hopefully we will be able to confirm additional interested potential Rotarians and start to review the Standard Rotary Club Constitution for adoption.

I will work with Ernie and Wayne over the next week to develop an agenda for the meeting that will include a guest speaker, just so the meeting won't be all Rotary business.

Pat Romerman