Posted by Pieter Taljaard


Rotaract President Joyce Li chaired the Rotary meeting today. The meeting was in the form a a Rotary Trivia Quiz. Some of the Q&A s are here under.


Rotary Trivia:

What is Rotaract? A Rotary Program for Young Adults.

How old is the Rotary Club of Airdrie in October 2018? 35 years

Who was the 1st RC of Airdrie President? Brian McGraw

How long has the RC of Airdrie been doing ‘Miss-school-miss-out’? 24 years, since 1994

Which club is our sister club? Twinned with Gwacheon, Korea, in 1997. An Airdrie park is named after this Korean town

How long has ‘Lobster Boil’ project been going? 28 years, started 1990

What is #GivingTuesday? Following BlackFriday and CyberMonday, Rotary’s drive on FaceBook & Twitter to raise awareness and funds for the Rotary Foundation (2,5million views last year!)

When is Rotary’s anniversary every year? 23rd February

How old is Rotary this year? 113

How many ways can you test yourself in Rotary? 4 - Truth, Fairness, Goodwill, and Friendship, or 3 – Think, Say or Do!

From which calendar month to which calendar month represents the start and end of new Rotary officers’ year of services? Beginning of July to end June

So, what is the Rotary theme each June? Rotary Fellowship Month.

How many avenues of service in Rotary? 5 - Club, Vocational, Community, International, & Youth

What is the current Rotary motto? Service above self

How many Rotary clubs in the world - within the nearest 1000? 35,000

What does the acronym RYLA stand for? Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Where and when did RYLA begin? RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, began in 1959 by Rotarians from Queensland, Australia

What project has the highest priority of all Rotary programs? Polio Plus

When was the Polio Plus program first introduced? 1985

What are the two types of Rotary grants now available as part of Rotary Foundation Grants? District Grants and Global Grants.

What are the Six areas of Focus for Rotary Foundation Global Grants? Peace, Water, Maternal Health, Child Health, Literacy, Economic Development

Where did the idea for the name of "Rotary" come from? The first members rotated their meeting places around the offices of members

What is the Rotary Friendship Exchange? An international exchange program between Rotarians and their families.

Name 3 of the 8 criteria for a "Functioning Rotary Club"? 1. Pays its dues/ 2.Meets Regularly/ 3. Members subscribe to an official Rotary magazine/ 4. Has service projects/ 5.Receives the DG/ 6. Maintains insurance/ 7. Is consistent with R.I./ 8. Resolves disputes

What is the fourth question of the four way test? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

The First Object of Rotary encourages and fosters what? The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service

What does the second Object of Rotary encourage and foster? High ethical standards in business and professions

In what year did the Rotary Council of Legislation remove the provision that Rotary was for males only? 19 years back in 1989

What month is known as Rotary Youth Service month? May.

In what country was the first Rotary Club outside of the United States? The first non-USA Rotary Club was in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1912

What is the largest annual public relations project of Rotary Clubs in the United States and Canada? The Rotary float in the Rose Parade is seen by between 250-million and 1-billion people every year. Every Rotarian in 5280 and adjacent districts contributes $3 annually which is collected in their district dues. District 5360 is investigating a communal float.