The positive response from Rotarians in this District has lead to two more great opportunities for Rotary Friendship Exchanges (RFE) in 2011! The first is an additional exchange to England and the second is to Taiwan.
England – District 1080
In the fall (2010) we canvassed for participants for the Exchange to England's District 1110 next July (2011) and the great response resulted in more interest than we could accommodate.
As a result we have organized a second Exchange to England, this time to District 1080 at exactly the same time. This Exchange is partially subscribed but we have room for at least two more couples.
Details are as follows:
  • July 6 to July 17. July 5 and July 18 would be the travel days.
  • You will be hosted by four different Rotary Clubs for three days each.
  • District 1080 which is Northeast of London with 77 mainly small clubs, consists of what is known as East Anglia, the bulge on the eastern side of England. Norwich is a main city.
  • Target numbers are 8 – 10.
  • Available spots are for couples as singles spots have been filled.
  • Geographically, the district is small and it will handle transportation from host to host.
Anyone wishing to apply for this British exchange or to be a back up couple/single should submit the attached application to Donna Code at the following address.The application should include a deposit of $250 per couple and cheques should be made payable to Rotary District 5360

Mrs Donna Code Castillo
74 Sandringham Way NW
Calgary, AB
T3K 3V6
403-275-2925   403-275-2925 
See below (following Taiwan) for general information.
Taiwan – District 3530
This District is located in Taipei City, Taiwan, Republic of China and the Taiwanese District is extending an invitation for a special Rotary Friendship Exchange program linked to the centennial celebration of the Republic of China.
The District was invited by their government to participate in the Centennial celebrations and they have responded with a plan to invite 200 Rotarians and spouses from around the world to visit Taiwan between July 2011 and March 2012.
This notice is a call for interest by Rotarians or Clubs and sufficient interest will lead to further development by the District RFE Committee with Rotary in Taiwan.
Some details:
  • Home stay arrangements will be arranged with one of the clubs in the District.
  • Exchanges will be for 7-9 days unless otherwise arranged between the host club and the visiting Rotarians.
  • These exchanges could be Team Exchanges or Vocational Exchanges.
  • Reciprocation by the District is not required but individual Rotarians and clubs could host a reciprocal exchange
  • Official language is Mandarin but English is also commonly spoken as a second language.
  • Points of Interest: centennial celebrations, The National Palace Museum (Chinese artifacts), beautiful scenery, Chinese cuisine, night markets, old temples etc.
Those who may be interested should email or call Pat Killoran, District RFE Chair at 403 328 7600
General Information
Rotary Friendship Exchange is an International Travel Program that allows Rotarians and partners to travel to another country and enjoy a cultural and friendship orientated travel experience. We encourage you to review the pictures and report of a recent exchange from our District to New Zealand.
 The following are some basic details about the Rotary Friendship Exchange:
  • Must be a Rotarian in good standing.
  • Must pay all costs excepting the billeting provided by host Rotarians.
  • Participants must be team players as the group will travel together for the duration of the exchange.
  • Must be a good ambassador for Rotary and Canada.
  • Must be prepared to complete the full exchange
  • Travel is booked individually (not as a group) so your plans can include pre and/or post Exchange travel.
  • Must be in reasonable physical condition as the exchange will involve tourism activities that may require some moderate walking.
  • The Rotarian must be part of the traveling group.
General information can be found on the RI website at the following link

Pat Killoran
District RFE Chair
403-328-7600    403-328-7600